Below are some of the recent projects I have worked on. I utilised a wide variety of programming skills ranging from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to Node.js, SQL, React.js, and more.


Flask RPG

Tech Stack: Flask / bcrypt / Heroku

5-day project to build an API that our front-end team could use to make our dungeon crawler functional. I used Computer Science paradigms like object-oriented programming, functional programming, sorting algorithms, breadth/depth-first search, and more.

Website Github

Block Club Calendar

Tech Stack: Node.js / Express.js / SQL / Jest / Heroku

5-day project to build a calendar for a non-profit organization in North End, Detroit. I worked solo on the backend for this project. I handled the login, signup, and database.

Website Github


Tech Stack: HTML / CSS / JavaScript / React / Netlify

5-day project to build a calculator for the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. The calculator determines whether or not you should catch the encountered Pokemon. I built the React.js frontend, utilized our backend's API to pull data that was on our server, and created the calculations for the calculator.

Website GitHub

Tagger Smarter Email

Tech Stack: Node.js / Express.js / OAuth 2 / Gmail API / Heroku

8-week project that I worked on with my fellow Web, UX Design, and Data Science classmates at Lambda School. I lead the back-end Web team and we created a line of communication between the front-end team, the data science team, and the gmail API using Node.js. My team and I utilized Agile Software Development practices including Trello, product vision documents, and release canvases.

Demo Github

Backend Bookkeeping

Tech Stack: HTML / CSS / JavaScript / WordPress / GoDaddy

A family friend needed a website built for their personal bookkeeping business. They had already started throwing something together using GoDaddy, however, they weren't sure what to do next. Over the next 2 days I helped them buy a domain name, edit the layout based on their needs, add navigation, add multiple pages, add their own information, text, and images, as well as add functionality to their contact page.