• HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • React.js / Redux / Jest
  • Node.js / Express.js
  • SQL / Knex.js / SQLite3 / PostgreSQL
  • Python / Flask
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • Git / Github / GitFlow
  • WordPress / Unbounce / ClickFunnels
  • Responsive Web Design / Accessibility
  • Website hosting with Heroku / Netlify / Zeit
  • Extensive remote work experience with Slack / Zoom
  • Agile software development / Trello
  • Collaboration with UX Design & Data Science teams


Hi, my name is Quinton McNamee. I am a Full-Stack Web Developer orginally from Boston, MA but am now in Santa Monica, CA. I graduated from Lambda School's* Full Stack Web Development program in April of 2020.

*Lambda School is a 9-12 month Computer Science & Software Engineering academy based in San Francisco that provides a hands-on curriculum with a focus on Computer Science and Full-Stack Web Development. Some of my accomplishments at Lambda School were:

  • Passing ALL sprint challenges. Sprint challenges are the the weekly tests that Lambda School students MUST pass in order to move on to the next week of instruction.
  • Leading 3 other students on the back-end team during an 8-week long project where we collaborated with 10+ other students from other Lambda School tracks. These other tracks were UX Design and Data Science. Our task was to build a website from scratch that improves upon standard email clients.

Before Lambda School I was enrolled at Concordia University in Montreal as a Computer Engineering major. While at Concordia I took a wide range of classes including a Programming Methodology classes which was based in the C++ programming language. In addition, I taught myself HTML and CSS over the course of 3 months using online resources including several courses I bought on These turned out to be invaluable skills when I was accepted to Lambda School!